SFPA Mission

The mission of the State Family Planning Administrators (SFPA) is to support and promote quality family planning services as an essential component of health care for all.

SFPA Guiding Principles

The SFPA is comprised of leaders of state/territorial family planning programs who foster idea exchange and strategic management towards the SFPA mission through the following guiding principles:

  • Provide current information to members on a timely basis to facilitate growth and learning.
  • Cultivate connection and collaboration between members and external organizations and groups to promote partnerships and resource-sharing that improve program effectiveness and cost-efficiency.
  • Inform, share, and provide direction on implementation of new policies and legislative mandates affecting our programs.
  • Work as a group to enhance program communication and management skills by securing or providing consultation, training and technical assistance for or among members.
  • Promote quality of care in family planning programs by:
    • Encouraging the involvement of members and their states/territories in planning, evaluating and supporting programs that are responsive to consumer needs;
    • Adopting and promoting current, evidence-based clinical practices based on nationally-recognized standards of care;
    • Engaging key partners in the exchange of information to increase comprehensive and quality reproductive health services;
    • Endorsing affordable, voluntary, and accessible family planning services.